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    postquote3I practice sport to open my mindpostquote2
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    postquote3I practice sport because people do judge a book by its coverpostquote2
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    postquote3I practice sport to keep up with my grandchildrenpostquote2

Our mission.

Bringing wellbeing to your home.

Greenfit Srl was founded in 2006 by a team of individuals, who were already working in the Italian home fitness industry from its origins. The company immediately asserted itself in the market for the reliability of its products, the seriousness of its approach and a timely and efficient customer service.

We produce home fitness equipment and accessories offering, at competitive prices, a range of reliable and technologically advanced products, to enable workouts in the comfort of your home.

We have always promoted the “fitness and health” philosophy, the principals of which are a balanced diet and regular physical activity to gain a better quality of life and to avoid possible problems of a sedentary lifestyle.

Exclusive producer and supplier for many years of Diadora e G-Fitness equipment, we recently joined with the well established and prestigious Fassi Sport brand for the return to the market of an icon of the fitness industry present in Italy from the sixties.

Our head office is in Remanzacco, close to Udine (Friuli Venezia Giulia), where the administrative office, logistical and after-sales service is located . The show room and its commercial branch is situated in Misano Adriatico (Emilia Romagna).